How does the booster work?

A cell booster works by amplifying signal to cell towers. An outdoor antenna will be commonly be mounted on the roof, or at the highest point of a building. The signal booster amplifies signal and outputs to an indoor antenna. If you are experiencing 1 or 2 bars of signal indoors, a booster can upgrade your signal to 4 or 5 bars.

Will it work at my location?

Boosters require a stable connection with the cell tower in able to work. We always test a location before installation to ensure our equipment will work. Even if you have no signal outside, our booster might still work. Testing is the only way to ensure whether your location is fit for booster.

No connection to the phone line, internet, or Wi-Fi is needed. Our boosters work on their own and require no maintenance or resetting.

Is the signal dangerous to living things?

No. In fact, a booster will lower you phone’s power output and reduce RF exposure since it only needs to send signal a short distance. This also increase battery life because of the lowered power output.

Why does this happen? Because the phone does not need to use full power to reach the tower. It only needs to output a low power to reach the booster.

Is there a guarantee?

Our equipment comes with manufacture warranties ranging 1-5 years. Because of the type of service we provide, we do not guarantee any service or products provided. We do guarantee that our service will boost your cellular signal.

What if I get signal upstairs, but not in the basement/downstairs?

Some homes and buildings have natural dead-spots. Depending on the building material and terrain, you may have certain areas in your home where your signal doesn’t work. A booster kit easily solves this problem, and can increase signal to the rest of your building.

Do these boosters require a contract, subscription, or other fee?

No! Once the booster is installed, it will work until basically, forever. No resetting, maintenance, or adjusting will ever be needed. The booster simply plugs in and functions.

What if I switch my cell phone provider?

We have carrier specific boosters and universal boosters. Carrier specific boosters will only provide signal to phones using the same signal band. Our universal boosters can cover up to every carrier in the United States.

Most carriers use a shared band. For example, Verizon/Spectrum Mobile/Cellcom use the same band. That means if you were to switch from Cellcom to Verizon, you can still use your booster the same as before.

Do you own a rental property and, or need better signal for many different carriers?

There are many types of universal boosters. Mostly, they come in 2 band, 3 band, 5 band, and 7 band capabilities.

Say you don’t need a booster for every carrier in the USA. Maybe you just need a booster for US Cellular, AT&T, and Cellcom. We would install a 3 band booster to cover your needs.